Ongoing Small Groups

Small groups are 8- 10 people who meet regularly – usually once per week. Their purpose is to foster fellowship while learning and growing in our Catholic faith. Groups can meet at someone’s home or request a space here at Church. If you wish to have refreshments or even a meal, that is up to the group. We are trying to keep this as flexible as possible. 


You can get together with people you know and form your own small group of 8-10 people; OR, sign up individually and you will be placed with a group according to your preferred topic and meeting time.  If you were in a group in the Fall, you can stay in that group or choose to join a different one. The materials will be provided, however a small donation to cover the cost would be appreciated. The Spring's Small Group are underway. If you would like to know more about Small Groups meeting or in the future, please click on the button below to send Jim Welker an email or give him a call.


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