Parish Staff

Reverend Rick Jones Email Fr. Rick

Associate Pastor
Reverend Francisco Gordillo Email Fr. Paco

Priest in Residence
Reverend Bobby Manso Email Fr. Bobby

Deacon Rob Huff Email Deacon Rob
Deacon Thomas Schumer Email Deacon Tom

Finance/Office Manager
Cheryl Oberhaus Email Cheryl

Accounting Clerk/ Administrative Assistant
Beverly McMeel Email Beverely

Bulletin Editor/ Administrative Assistant
Rose Huff Email Rose

Debbie Kiblinger Email Debbie K.
Debbie Wells Email Debbie W.

Christian Service Coordinator
Position is Not Filled

Director of Religious Education
Kathy Hotop-Raines Email Kathy

Youth Ministry Coordinator
Deacon Rob Huff Email Deacon Rob
RCIA Coordinator (The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults)
Mark Kiblinger Email Mark
Music Coordinator
Lenny Kuper Email Lenny

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School Principal

Kay Glastetter Email Kay

Maintenance Supervisor

Jeffery Lloyd Email Jeffrey