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SRE Program Guidelines

  • ATTENDANCE - Good attendance is important for each child in every grade. Each lesson and each year build on the previous. A good religious education is important in preparing children for sacrament preparations in lower elementary grades and later in high school for confirmation. A class calendar is provided so schedules can be adjusted accordingly. Parents, please try to make religious education classes a priority. This conveys a message that our faith instruction is very important. If your family situation prevents regular attendance please contact Kathy Hotop-Raines.
  • PARENTS ARE TEACHERS TOO ! - You are the primary teacher for your children. Your help and support, along with regular class attendance, are a vital part of instructing your child about their faith. Please set a special time each week to go over lessons with your student. Children also learn a great deal by watching you! Try to role model good practices such as daily prayer times and Mass attendance and participation. You are a living example of Christ and His teachings for your children.
  • Parents of children preparing for Sacraments have special parent meetings. Information will be listed in our newsletters, as well as, the church bulletin. At least one parent needs to attend.
  • Arrival and Dismissal - Classes are from 5:45-7:00 p.m. on Wednesday evening.
    1. Please do not drop off students before 5:45 p.m.
    2. Please enter and exit the parish center from the front doors of the school building. Students should meet in the parish center gym. Teachers will meet all students in this location.
  • Communication - Newsletters will be sent monthly (or as needed) as a form of communication among teachers, students, and parents. The parish website is also an excellent communication resource.
  • Messages - I will not always be near a phone on Wednesdays. For other times, you may leave a message on my answering machine at home - 243-482
  • Discipline - Believing that each child deserves the opportunity to learn about faith, we strive to promote an environment where we all can work cooperatively. A child whose behavior is disruptive will first be reminded of this fact and asked to modify the behavior. If the child continues to disrupt class, he or she will meet with the SRE Director. If the student continues to be disruptive upon returning to class, a parent will be called. We recognize that not all children able to learn in a traditional classroom environment. Creative learning approaches can be designed for individuals if this seems helpful.
  • Parents as Volunteers : All of our catechists are volunteers, and we would like for each parent to volunteer time and talent in some way during the year. There are many fun activities planned for our children. These can only happen if volunteers help.
  • Emergency Evacuation - Teachers will make all students aware of emergency evacuation exits and procedures.
  • Weather Cancellation - Classes generally are cancelled for the following conditions:
    1. If two or more inches of snow accumulates Wednesday and endangers travel.
    2. An ice storm endangers travel.

The Parish website will attempt to provide closing information.

Our volunteer teachers strive to make learning about one's faith a joyful, fulfilling experience. Class time is so very precious, but limited. Please try to be on time and encourage your children to make the most of each lesson by being prepared, displaying a positive attitude and showing respect to everyone. It is our hope, that as your child's primary educators, you will continue to build upon this faith learning experience at home.

If a problem should arise, please contact your child's teacher first. If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to let me know. Thank you for being a part of our religious education team.

Kathy Hotop-Raines
St. Vincent de Paul Parish
Elementary Religious Education Coordinator